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The extensive subject in science which can be divided into different categories. The most important branches of science include Natural Science, Social Science and Formal Science. All these three branches are deemed as the main base of the subject, Science, with the basic features are generally covered by them. The interdisciplinary and the application of science come first in the list which includes medicine as well as engineering. Every scientific field that is been chosen by the college students for any specialization completely has the coverage by the help of assignment. Medical science which is related to Human health has been proven as a key branch since the early time in medical treatment in history. Presently, the healthcare technology, as well as medical science, are modern which helps in curing as well as preventing the cures and also provides a large area for the research an examine for the course of treatment for the disease that can threaten life and also disabilities of the body. The students who are admitted to medical science can make their career in medical research and also any specialized department expert. Medical research is categorized into Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Cancer Research, and many other departments. As a whole, it can be said that the subject of Medical and Science is a vast subject.

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